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Italy marks Republic Day with calls for unity

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Italy marks Republic Day with calls for unity

Rome, June 3 (IANS) Italy celebrated the 78th anniversary of its founding as a republic, with President Sergio Mattarella calling for unity in Italy and across Europe.

In his remarks, Mattarella said on Sunday that the creation of the Italian Republic created “an Italy open to Europe” and he called for unity in Italy and across Europe.

He also cited the importance of Italian multilateral cooperation, including within the UN and NATO, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Italian President’s remarks come with an increase in violence across the world as well as increasing political divisions between European Union states.

It also comes days before citizens in 27 European Union states, including Italy, go to the polls to select new members of the European Parliament.

Mattarella laid a wreath at the country’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Rome followed by a parade and the famed jet fly-over with smoke trailing the colours of the Italian flag.

Mattarella was joined by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, multiple government ministers, and Mayors from some 300 cities and towns. Dozens of members of the Italy-based diplomatic corps were also on hand.

In her remarks, Meloni said Italy should return to the “first idea of Europe” — saying that it called for the autonomy of states, a reference to a balance between multi-state cooperation and national autonomy.

It also comes as Italy holds the rotating presidency of the G7 club of large industrialised countries.


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