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Jannat Zubair says she got a lot of love on social media, but not that much as an actor

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Jannat Zubair says she got a lot of love on social media, but not that much as an actor

Mumbai, May 31 (IANS) Jannat Zubair, who began her career in the small screen industry with shows like ‘Kashi – Ab Na Rahe Tera Kagaz Kora’ and ‘Phulwa’, has become a sensation on social media. The actress said she would choose social media over her acting career because she has received more love on the former platform.

Talking to IANS about her preference between acting on TV or social media, Jannat said: “It is a very difficult question for me. I love acting, and I have been very passionate about my work. However, since the last few years, I am giving time to social media, and I am not giving time to acting that much…”

The 22-year-old sensation revealed why she prefers social media over acting.

“I feel, for now, that I will choose social media because of the amount of love I have got here I have not got that much in my career in acting. They (social media users) have given me love for who I am. They have given love to Jannat.”

“People have loved ‘Phulwa’ too, but with social media, I have connected with fans so much that I cannot let go of it.”

Jannat is all set to be seen in the reality television show ‘Laughter Chefs – Unlimited Entertainment’.

“The combination is very new on television because cooking shows are usually serious competitions, and there are many laughter shows. But cooking plus comedy, I think ‘Laughter Chefs’ is one of a kind,” she said.

Will the blend of comedy and cooking spoil the broth?

“Not really, because I think this makes it more wonderful to watch. We are automatically becoming funny because something or the other is always happening. Sometimes, something goes wrong in the kitchen. So, whatever you will see is candid comedy. It is not made up or scripted,” she said.


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