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KCR hoists national flag

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KCR hoists national flag

Hyderabad, June 2 (NSS): Under the aegis of BRS party , the decennial  celebrations of the formation of Telangana state were celebrated in a grand manner. Former Chief Minister and party chief KCR attended the function held at Telangana Bhavan in the city.

Speaking on the occasion. he remembered the days of the Telangana movement. Stating that Today is an emotional day, He explained as to how Telangana and the people of Telangana had been insulted. KCR said that some people raised the Telangana slogan and threw the yoke in the middle. He recalled that there was a ban on the use of telangana word in the undivided assembly.

KCR reminded that Indira Gandhi did not show mercy even though 11 MPs won in the Congress party during the first phase of the separate Telangana movement .

“At such a time, Prof. Jayashankar worked for Telangana.Jaishankar was waiting for someone like KCR to come for Telangana,” he said. KCR claimed that he had told him the same thing several times. “Jaishankar told me to stand for Telangana till the end. At that time, the congress and TDP leaders worked for their own selfish interests. No one has responded for Telangana state “ he claimed.

KCR reminded that the Telangana leaders, if they were the CM, did not stay in office for a full term and were ousted in the middle. He also  reminded that he had taken the path of agitation at a time when there was a powerful CM who had even the central government in his hands. “I thought that justice would be done to the farmers of Telangana only if Telangana came into existence. KCR was emotional that if he remembered those days, he would feel sad. “If Konda Laxman Bapuji gave us an office, his house was demolished. Telangana state has been achieved with many efforts,” KCR said.

KCR said that no one can destroy the BRS party. “We lost in the assembly. When I started the bus yatra again, Telangana roared. Now what comes up is the temporary setback . Has the Congress, which was in the opposition before them, been defeated,” KCR asked. KCR expressed confidence that the BRS party would  come back to power in future .

KCR said that he was surprised by the state government’s actions. “I don’t understand the incompetence of the government. A CM-level person is saying that the power is bring  cut off because of Harish Rao,” he said.

KCR commented that the government had started stepping down. He accused the Congress government of politicising everything. He claimed that They were  not allowing toddy  workers to survive by attacking toddy shops.

He congratulated the district leaders of the party for winning the Mahabubnagar MLC seat . He made it clear that if he wins, he will not be overwhelmed and if he loses, he will not be disappointed . KCR assured the party rank and file that in the near future, the responsibility of governance will again fall on his shoulders. (NSS)

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