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Kharge Criticizes PM Modi’s ‘Adani Ambani’ Remark in Hyderabad: “Is Modi Sleeping?”

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Kharge Criticizes PM Modi’s ‘Adani Ambani’ Remark in Hyderabad: “Is Modi Sleeping?”

Hyderabad, May 10 (IANS) – Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Hyderabad, questioning Modi’s recent remark targeting industrialists Adani and Ambani.

Addressing a gathering of party supporters, Kharge condemned Modi’s statement, which appeared to downplay concerns regarding the alleged cozy relationship between the government and certain influential business figures. Referring to Modi’s rhetorical question, “Is Modi sleeping that Adani and Ambani are able to thrive?”, Kharge challenged the Prime Minister’s leadership and oversight on matters of economic policy and corporate governance.

Kharge’s remarks reflect growing opposition scrutiny of the government’s handling of economic issues and its perceived proximity to powerful business conglomerates. The Congress leader’s criticism comes amidst a broader debate over wealth concentration and crony capitalism in India’s economic landscape.

Kharge’s statement resonated with many in attendance, who voiced their concerns about economic inequality and the need for greater accountability in government-industry relations. The remarks also underscored the political significance of Hyderabad as a key battleground in the state’s electoral landscape.

As political discourse heats up in Telangana and beyond, Kharge’s criticism of Modi’s remarks signals a broader challenge to the ruling party’s narrative on economic policy and governance. The exchange highlights the contrasting visions offered by different political parties and their leaders, setting the stage for intense debates ahead of upcoming elections.

In response to Kharge’s critique, supporters of the ruling party defended Modi’s leadership and economic policies, citing initiatives aimed at fostering business growth and job creation. The exchange of views reflects the diversity of opinions within India’s vibrant political landscape and the complexities of addressing socioeconomic challenges in a rapidly evolving economy.

As the political dialogue continues, it remains to be seen how issues such as economic inequality and corporate influence will shape voter perceptions and electoral outcomes in Telangana and across the country. With elections on the horizon, political leaders and parties are intensifying their efforts to connect with voters and articulate their visions for the nation’s future.

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