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Not permissible to perform Hajj without permit – Council of Senior Scholars

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Muslim pilgrims gather around the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in the holy city of Makkah on June 30, 2023 during the annual Hajj pilgrimage. (AFP)

RIYADH, April 27: The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia said in a statement that it is mandatory for Muslims to obtain a Hajj permit if they will perform pilgrimage.The council said obtaining a permit is obligatory to comply with the Sharia law, and facilitate Hajj and safeguard the sanctity of the Holy Sites. Performing Hajj without a permit is deemed a sin, according to the council’s interpretation.
It made it clear that it is not permissible to go to Hajj without obtaining a permit and “those who do so are committing a sin,” the statement read.

The council’s statement notes that government agencies responsible for organizing the Hajj season develop a comprehensive plan based on authorized numbers that cover all aspects, including security, health, accommodation, catering, and other services.

The more the number of pilgrims is consistent with the authorized figures, the better the service quality and the lower the risk of harm, it said.
This includes preventing situations such as sleeping on the roads, which can impede their movement and transportation and may lead to casualties due to overcrowding.

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