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Over 11,000 cases of violence reported to Saudi ministry in 2016

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Author: Mohammed Al-SulamiMon, 2017-03-06ID: 1488756264764715800JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development said that it received 11,142 complaints about cases of violence during 2016.Hisham Al-Mdemegh, director of social protection, said that a ministry call center deals with all the complaints based on their threat level.He stressed that the call center keeps the identity of informants secret, to protect them against abuse, as per the laws enacted by the Kingdom.Al-Mdemegh called upon all victims of violence or those who know of such cases to report them to the call center.He further said that reports received are classified according to three levels: high-risk, in which case the report starts being processed in two hours; average-risk, which is given four hours; and normal-risk, which is given up to six hours.The call center receives complaints about domestic violence — whether physical, psychological or sexual abuse — and those involving the threat of abuse or exploitation within the household.It also receives complaints about abuse and negligence, such as leaving children without family support, not registering them upon birth, not giving them the needed vaccinations, not allowing them to finish their education, leaving them in an environment that jeopardizes their health, treating them badly or sexually harassing them.Calls are also received about using children for criminal activities, or physical abuse that degrades their dignity, exposing them to inappropriate materials, discriminating against them ethnically, socially or economically, or allowing them to drive vehicles under the legal age.The ministry — in cooperation with partner organizations and different media, including social networking sites — is working on carrying out awareness campaigns among communities about the negative impact of domestic violence and child abuse.To complain about domestic violence, citizens can use the number 1919 around the clock; they can also send e-mails at or come personally to social protection centers.
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