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Two arson attacks on Qatif ATM machines in 8 days

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Author: Mohammed Al-SulamiMon, 2017-03-06ID: 1488756264664715200JEDDAH: Police in the Eastern Province are investigating an arson attack on an ATM machine in Qatif — the second such case in eight days. Col. Zeyad Al-Ruqati, Eastern Province police spokesman, said authorities were alerted at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday.Civil Defense officers went to the scene to put out the fire, which resulted in the destruction of the ATM machine and the corridor that led to it.Al-Ruqati said investigations concluded that the fire was set in a similar way to a previous incident.Police handled a similar case on Feb. 25, after unknown assailants set fire to the room housing a Jazira Bank ATM machine in Qatif.At the time, Civil Defense officers proceeded immediately to the scene to extinguish the fire.He said the police investigation concluded it was arson, having found traces of gasoline at the crime location.
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