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Owaisi Claps Back with ‘Baigan Ku Bolo’ in Response to PM Modi’s Remarks in Dakani

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Owaisi Claps Back with ‘Baigan Ku Bolo’ in Response to PM Modi’s Remarks in Dakani

Hyderabad,: 11th May 2024 :  In a recent exchange that underscores the linguistic and political dynamics of the region, All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) leader Asaduddin Owaisi retorted with ‘Baigan Ku Bolo’ (say it to the eggplant) following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks in Dakani, a dialect spoken in parts of Telangana and Maharashtra.

PM Modi’s comments in Dakani during a political rally set the stage for a linguistic exchange that resonates deeply with the local culture and identity of the region. By speaking in Dakani, PM Modi sought to connect with the audience and convey his message in a language familiar to them.

However, Owaisi’s response with ‘Baigan Ku Bolo’ reflects a blend of wit, linguistic pride, and political assertion. The phrase, often used colloquially to dismiss someone or express skepticism, serves as a sharp rejoinder to PM Modi’s remarks and asserts Owaisi’s own linguistic and cultural identity.

The exchange between Owaisi and PM Modi highlights the significance of language in politics, especially in regions like Telangana where linguistic diversity is celebrated and cherished. By responding in Dakani, Owaisi not only counters PM Modi’s rhetoric but also reaffirms the importance of linguistic plurality and local dialects in public discourse.

Moreover, Owaisi’s retort carries political undertones, signaling his readiness to engage in verbal sparring with PM Modi and assert his position as a formidable leader in the region. The use of Dakani, a language deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of Telangana, adds another layer of resonance to Owaisi’s response.

As the political landscape in Telangana continues to evolve, linguistic identity and cultural pride are likely to play an increasingly prominent role in shaping public discourse and electoral dynamics. The exchange between Owaisi and PM Modi serves as a vivid illustration of the intersection between language, politics, and identity in the region, capturing the attention and imagination of the electorate.



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