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RS Praveen Kumar lashes out at CM Revanth Reddy

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RS Praveen Kumar lashes out at CM Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad, July 10 (NSS): BRS party leader RS Praveen Kumar has given a counter to CM Revanth Reddy’s comments over the issue of the postponement of competitive exams in Telangana State. “What the managers of each coaching centre are doing to earn ₹ 100 crore is not a real estate business like you, Chief Minister. Ask Riyaz, who has joined your party, said if you want, it is only you, who called the unemployed as mercenaries. When Rahul Gandhi was brought to Ashok Nagar, all those who followed you were hired people,” he asked.

He also asked the CM whether he had given 30,000 jobs within 90 days of coming into power. “It is the misfortune of the people of Telangana that they do not know the difference between the notification of jobs and the recruitment. Why can’t it be done here in Telangana when 1:50 to 1:100 can be done in the adjacent AP? Why are exams not being postponed? Ashok Kumar sir, who is on a fast-unto-death, is providing group 2 and 3 coaching for just one rupee. Also, after the postponement of the groups, most of the coaching centres offered coaching at a lesser price. Telangana children don’t have the culture of giving test series only if they pay lakhs like the coaching centres in the neighbouring State,” he said.

He said thousands of unemployed people were rallying behind Ashok as he helped them. “The problem here is… You don’t understand the unemployment and the unemployed. You are not even trying to understand. The so-called intellectuals around you are on the hunt for lucrative political positions. They believed in bouncers and threats to protect their positions. The officials are busy in constantly pleasing themselves. It’s not that they don’t know the solution, but they’re not telling you the truth because you don’t like the solution,” RS said.

He said if the CM wanted, the Telangana CS would come up with a solution that is acceptable to all. “Everything seems like a political conspiracy to you. You are saying that every person, who speaks in solidarity with the unemployed is a man who does not have brain. You did the same thing in 2023, didn’t you? And what should I say to you? What should be said of Rahul Gandhi who came to Chikkadapally that day? Is it not the responsibility of the Opposition to speak on the real people’s issues,” asked RD Praveen Kumar. (NSS)

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