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‘Sachin…’ makers to adapt ‘Brewster’s Millions’

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‘Sachin…’ makers to adapt ‘Brewster’s Millions’

Mumbai, April 23  200 Not Out Cinemas Pvt. Ltd., the makers of “Sachin: A Billion dreams”, are set to make a film on the book “Brewster’s Millions” by George Barr McCutcheon.

The novel revolves around Montgomery Brewster, a young man who inherits a million dollars from his rich grandfather.

Shortly after, his rich uncle dies and leaves Brewster seven million dollars, but only under the condition that he keeps none of the money inherited from his grandfather.

Brewster is required to spend every penny of his grandfather’s inheritance within one year.

If Brewster meets these terms, he will gain the full seven million dollars; if he fails, he remains penniless.

“We are happy to announce that we are making a film on ‘Brewster’s Millions’. I am a big fan of comedies. There have been a few adaptations of this book worldwide. We have a modern take on the timeless classic and I am extremely happy with the way the story has turned out,” Ravi Bhagchandka, the film’s producer and founder of 200 Not Out Cinemas Pvt. Ltd., said in a statement.

“It is going to be a laugh riot and we are hoping to attach some big names to the cast of the film soon,” he added.

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