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T20 World Cup: Focussed Bumrah looking to ‘enjoy the game’ rather than result

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T20 World Cup: Focussed Bumrah looking to ‘enjoy the game’ rather than result

New York, June 1 (IANS) India’s pace-spearhead Jasprit Bumrah is looking to keep things simple for the T20 World Cup 2024 and wants to focus on enjoying the game rather than the result.

Bumrah missed the last edition of the tournament due to his recurring back injury but this time he is prepared to showcase his lethal bowling prowess in the T20 showpiece. The pacer returned to action in August last year on the Ireland tour and went on to exhibit his class in the Asia Cup and ODI World Cup in India.

“Since I have come back from my injury, I have only focused on enjoying the game as much as I can,” Bumrah added, trying to focus on the process rather than the uncertainty surrounding the game.

“Because (certain) things will go my way. (Certain) things will not go my way. All of these things will be a part of my process. So I have just realised that I started playing this sport. Because I love this sport.

“And I will focus on that rather than the end result. So in that aspect you reduce your pressure. And you enjoy the sport. When you focus on those things. Rather than the things you cannot control,” ICC quoted the pacer as saying.

The 30-year-old speedster detailed the role of tennis ball cricket in mastering the art of toe-crushing yorkers.

“So I played a lot of tennis-ball, rubber-ball cricket when I was growing up. I used to play a lot with my friends in summer camps. And on summer vacations. Or whenever you used to get a lot of time,” Bumrah said.

“So when I was a kid, I used to think that this is the only way to get wickets. Because I was a fan of fast bowling. I was really fascinated by what I saw on the television. So I tried to replicate that,” he added.

Bumrah added that repeated practice has helped him hone this skill to near perfection.

“Is it (tennis-ball cricket) a secret (to bowling yorkers) or not? I don’t know,” Bumrah queried.

“But repetition surely is. Because I have kept this delivery. I still practice it. I keep on practicing it. Because every skill that you develop, you have to practice it and make it stronger. So I think a combination of both would be the answer.”

Bumrah is set to lead the Indian pace attack in the T20 World Cup along with Mohammed Siraj and Arshdeep Singh. The experienced pacer is ready to help his teammates without giving any burden to them.

“You don’t try to over-teach. That is something that I have learned. Because whenever people need help, I let them have their own questions,” Bumrah said.

“Or if they need my help. Because you don’t want to give too much information. It’s not like they have just been lucky and they land here. So that is what I try to do. I do pass on certain information that I have gained over from my experience.

“But I don’t try to burden them with (over) information. Because that is a part of the journey as well. That you have to find your own ways and solutions,” he added.

Bumrah will be in action in the warm-up match against Bangladesh in New York on Sunday before locking horns with Ireland in their tournament opener at the same venue on June 5.


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