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Two killed in attacks on voting stations in Mexico

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Two killed in attacks on voting stations in Mexico

Mexico City, June 3 (IANS) Two people were killed and another was injured in armed assaults on two voting stations in the central Mexican state of Puebla as voters went to the polls in general elections, local media said.

In the town of Tlapanala, on Sunday, assailants stole electoral material from a voting station and fled, getting into a shootout with police who pursued them.

In the exchange of gunfire, a woman was killed. The police arrested several assailants.

In a separate but similar incident, a man was killed and another was injured near a voting station in the municipality of Coyomeapan when hooded assailants attacked and stole electoral material.

The Electoral Institute of the State of Puebla said that it temporarily suspended voting at the station installed at a secondary school in Coyomeapan due to the shooting.


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