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Zerodha faces tech glitch as markets hit record high; users complain

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Zerodha faces tech glitch as markets hit record high; users complain

New Delhi, June 3 (IANS) Several users took to social media platform X on Monday to complain about a technical glitch they were facing while trading on the brokerage firm Zerodha’s trading app Kite.

The glitch comes on a day when the stock market surged to record levels, coinciding with Exit Polls projecting a third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha elections.

Voicing their frustration on social media, a user wrote, “Zerodha down. Very poor service when it matters the most”.

Another user said, “#Zerodha glitch, my funds are showing negative 83L. Almost gave me a heart attack this morning”.

“Zerodha’s consistency is truly disappointing. It seems to fail on all the important days,” one more user mentioned.

However, the brokerage firm responded to individual user complaints on X.

“This seems like an ISP-related issue. Please try using an alternate Internet connection and check. If the issue persists, please create a ticket at with ISP and location details so we can have this resolved at the earliest,” Zerodha said.

Both the Nifty 50 and the BSE Sensex soared to record highs.

The Nifty 50 climbed 2.89 per cent to 23,181.50 points, while the BSE Sensex gained 2.91 per cent to 76,110.93 points on Monday.


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