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Astonishing! Central agencies totally ignore PM Modi

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Astonishing! Central agencies totally ignore PM Modi

Hyderabad, May 23 (Parameshwar): It is astonishing to note that none of the Central Government agencies, like ED, CBI or IT, have  taken cognizance of the public assertions made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and initiated action on the same.

It is nearly a fortnight back, May 8 to be precise, that the Prime Minister has accused the Congress of striking a deal with “Ambani and Adani”, and asked if the party had received “tempo loads of black money”  from the two businessmen, in return for Rahul Gandhi to stop “abusing” them during the elections. The PM has said, at the top of his voice, “let him (Rahul) declare how much money has been taken from Ambani, Adani… How many sacks of block money? Have tempos full of currency notes reached Congress? What deal has been struck”.

Promptly responding to Modi’ s outbursts, Rahul Gandhi dared the Prime Minister to send CBI, ED to them (Ambani, Adani), get a thorough investigation done as soon as possible “. As the Prime Minister himself had levelled allegation of Adani Ambani sending tempo loads of black money, naturally the people expected that the Central agencies like ED, CBI, IT will swing into action and conduct searches and raids on the office premises of the two big business houses, to unravel the facts relating to black money and so on.

 Ten days ago, on May 13, the Congress candidate from North East Lok Sabha constituency Kanhaiah Kumar, has also demanded that the Prime Minister see that raids are conducted against those he (Modi) suspected of sending tempo loads of cash. Taking note of these developments, analysts expressed the view that there is something fishy in the entire episode, particularly the Central agencies keeping mum in the very important matter.

There is a feeling that the Prime Minister had blurted out the names of Adani and Ambani in a moment of desperation (as reports suggest that the INDIA bloc is gaining an upper hand in the elections), with a view to tarnish the image of Congress and Rahul: but later directed the Central agencies not to initiate any action against his friends. Another theory gaining ground is that the Central agencies have felt that the Prime Minister’s accusation was politically motivated and hence they need not act until Modiji himself gives the green signal.

All said and done, there is a feeling among some sections of people that the Prime Minister’s open declaration has carried no weight at all with the Central agencies, and this is something astonishing, and also ridiculous. (NSS)

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