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Celestial wedding of Balkampet Yellamma held

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Celestial wedding of Balkampet Yellamma held

Hyderabad, July 9 (NSS): The celestial wedding of Goddess Balkampet Yellamma was held on the grand scale on Tuesday.

 The devotees in large numbers thronged the temple to watch the celestial wedding of Goddess Yellamma.

 Endowment Minister Konda Surekha presented a silk sari on behalf of the State government. Hyderabad district In-charge Minister Ponnam Prabhakar,  GHMC Mayor Gadwala Vijaya Lakshmi, other elected representatives and officials attended the celestial wedding.

At 11.34 AM in the Mukha Nakshatrayukta Abhijit Lagnam, the celestial wedding was performed by the priests.

 Meanwhile, Minister Ponnam Prabhakar and Mayor Vijayalakshmi got furious over the temple authorities who showed negligence in receiving them and failed to follow the protocol norms. Moreover, a small scuffle took place and the Mayor suffered minor injuries. This led to a dispute over the protocol.

Angered by the behavior of the temple administrators and officials, Ponnam and the Mayor staged a brief protest at the temple. Later, the temple authorities expressed regret over the development.

Both Ponnam and  Vijayalakshmi were convinced and taken inside the temple by the authorities.

Women devotees faced problems due to police overaction. The police prevented the devotees from entering even though they had a ticket for darshan.

 Minister Konda Surekha also expressed dissatisfaction over the poor crowd management at the temple and directed the officials to conduct an inquiry over the attitude of police who have behaved rudely with devotees. She also assured that action will be taken against those who misbehaved with the media representatives.

On the other hand, Minister Ponnam Prabhakar condemned the reports that he had sulked over the attitude of authorities.

“I have come here as a devotee of Goddess and have not sulked at anyone. But, there is a poor management in controlling the crowd at the temple. An IPS officer should have been deputed to control the crowd and to supervise the arrangements,” Ponnam Prabhakar said. (NSS)

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