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Change has come in Telangana in Congress party’s rule: KTR

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Change has come in Telangana in Congress party’s rule: KTR

Hyderabad, July 10 (NSS): BRS party working president KTR today mocked that the Congress party, which came to power on the plank of bringing change in Telangana, had indeed brought a change. “All in all, the Congress has come to power and a big change has been brought about in the State,” KTR said while responding to the plight of the government hostels in the State.

      He said there was a spate of cases of worms in food used to be seen  in the government hostels during the Congress party’s rule before the year 2014 and added that such scenes were being witnessed in the today’s Congress party’s rule while claiming that the situation in the government hostels has now become even worse. “In breakfast, there are lizards and hamsters seen in the breakfast of the hostel students. The life of a student, who ate contaminated food at a social welfare school in Bhuvanagiri has come to a tragic end. As many as 20 students were admitted to the hospital with vomiting after a lizard found  in the upma at Komatipalli hostel on Tuesday. The students of Sultanpur’s JNTU hostel were stunned by the sight of a rat in chutney. If you eat this poisonous food, who will guarantee for the lives of the students? Where is the assurance for the parents who have brought up their children with love and affection,” KTR asked.

          KTR said the hostel students were hospitalised at an age they are expected to play in grounds. “It is because of the system of government that has become disorganized. This is the difficulty for the students. The Congress government has to open its eyes. Else, the lives of the future citizens of India will be  in danger,” he said, adding that there was  a possibility of an unexpected tragedy if the failures of the State government were  not corrected. (NSS)

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