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Ktr Urges Dgp to Address Police Excesses Against Youth

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Ktr Urges Dgp to Address Police Excesses Against Youth

Hyderabad, July 11 ( NSS): Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president KT Rama Rao has expressed deep anguish over a series of incidents in Telangana where police officers have reportedly targeted individuals for posting critical comments about the ruling Congress government.

Taking to X on Thursday, KT Rama Rao highlighted a particularly disturbing case involving a tribal youngster, Maloth Suresh Babu, who was allegedly picked up by the Thorrur police and subjected to severe torture.

His only alleged offense was posting a WhatsApp message criticising the Personal Assistant of local MLA Yashaswini Reddy, KTR said.

“We are witnessing an alarming trend where police are raiding the homes of BRS cadre based on frivolous complaints about social media posts. Such actions undermine the principles of free speech and democratic dissent,” the BRS leader said.

He emphasized that the police department has historically been recognised for its professional conduct and urged immediate action to prevent a few overzealous officers from tarnishing the department’s reputation.

“I request the urgent intervention of the Telangana DGP to halt these unlawful practices. While some officers may believe they are serving the ruling dispensation, their actions are, in fact, damaging the integrity of our State police department,” KTR noted.

He further called on the police to adhere strictly to legal procedures and refrain from resorting to intimidation or torture.

“The police should act within the bounds of the law, ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights and maintaining the public’s trust in law enforcement,” the BRS working president added.(NSS)

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