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Telangana: Congress scared to promote youth, alleges PM at Sangareddy rally

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Telangana: Congress scared to promote youth, alleges PM at Sangareddy rally

Hyderabad,, March 5 : In a recent rally held in Sangareddy, Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made scathing remarks against the Congress party, alleging that it is hesitant to promote youth leaders within its ranks. Modi’s comments come in the midst of a charged political atmosphere in Telangana, where various parties are gearing up for the upcoming elections.

Accusing the Congress of lacking the courage to empower young leaders, Modi emphasized the importance of nurturing and promoting youthful talent in politics. He highlighted the need for fresh perspectives and dynamic leadership to address the challenges facing the state and the nation as a whole.

Modi’s remarks reflect the BJP’s strategy to appeal to younger voters and position itself as a party that embraces youth empowerment and innovation. By criticizing the Congress’s alleged reluctance to promote youth leaders, the Prime Minister aims to underscore the BJP’s commitment to providing opportunities for the younger generation to actively participate in politics and contribute to the country’s development.

The rally in Sangareddy witnessed a significant turnout, with supporters cheering on the Prime Minister as he delivered his address. Modi’s message resonated with many attendees, particularly the youth, who see him as a symbol of change and progress.

The Congress, however, has refuted Modi’s allegations, asserting that it has a track record of nurturing young leaders and providing them with opportunities to excel in politics. Party leaders have pointed to various initiatives and programs aimed at empowering youth within the Congress fold.

As the political temperature rises in Telangana ahead of the elections, Modi’s comments are likely to fuel further debate and scrutiny of the Congress’s approach to youth leadership. The BJP, on the other hand, will continue to position itself as a champion of youth empowerment, hoping to gain traction among young voters in the state.

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