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Revanth will remain in history as a traitor: Harish Rao

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Revanth will remain in history as a traitor: Harish Rao

Hyderabad, June 3 (NSS): Former minister and BRS party MLA Harish Rao today said Congress leader Revanth Reddy may become the CM, but he can never become an activist. He also said Revanth would remain in history as a traitor, who fired a gun at Telangana activists. Harish said Revanth never be an activist. He made it clear that the credit for being activists goes to BRS party.

The Telangana State decennial celebrations were held at the BRS party office in Siddipet district. Harish Rao unfurled the flag. Later, HE spoke to the media. He recalled that he had fought for the aspirations of the people of Telangana. Harish Rao said the real festival in this decade’s celebrations was  to remember all those who worked without any hope, without any expectations, for the people, for the self-respect of Telangana and for making the dream of decades a reality. Harish Rao said it was heartening to note that the BRS party district president Kotha Prabhakar Reddy had decided to honour the district leaders, who led the movement. “Everyone in Siddipet is an activist. Everyone should be honoured,” Harish Rao said.

He also said KCR was a saviour for Telangana. “There is no mention of ‘Jai Telangana’ anywhere in the press statements given by the Congress on the occasion of the formation of the State. Jai Telangana slogan is in the announcements made during the BRS regime. Jai Jai was definitely Telangana,” he reminded. He also alleged that the Jai Telangana’ slogan was banned during the united AP rule and claimed that the word Telangana had disappeared during Revanth Reddy’s rule now. He expressed concern that without KCR, Telangana’s awareness would be destroyed. The BRS is the only party that fights for the rights and interests of Telangana, he added. (NSS)

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